About us

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Ninety-9 is a German fashion and lifestyle brand, empowering you to embrace your femininity and confidence.

Our story

Ninety-9 pieces are designed and produced with love, focusing on pieces that make you feel confident, empowered and fashionable.

As a premium brand we want to provide high-quality modern pieces that last and can be worn for years to come. Combining functionality and style, we create designs that are fashionable, modern, comfortable and easy to style.

We are constantly inspired by the women and community surrounding us. The creation of each and every piece is deeply influenced by our admiration for the divine feminine.

As an evolving brand we pay close attention to the fabrics, styles and factories we choose, trying to incorporate recycled and conscious fabrics according to the design of each individual piece. Every single piece is designed by our design team and we go through a very detailed sampling process to ensure that our styles are exactly how we imagined them to be. We encourage our customers to invest in pieces that feel timeless and try to provide sizing information that helps our customers choose the perfect size for them, with the goal to reduce unnecessary returns and emissions.

Since embracing individuality and empowerment are part of our core values we actively choose to never retouch the bodies, faces and skin of our models.